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The fallacies of demand forecasting – Part 1

For those of you don’t know there are two critical functions that often fall under the direct purview of a marketer – Pricing and Demand Forecasting. In this series, I am going to focus on Demand Forecasting. I’ll cover Pricing … Continue reading

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Who should own CRM?

CRM in its various shapes and forms has been in existence from the time we’ve had sales men. In the recent past it has morphed from the venerable Rolodex to on-prem software such as Siebel, ACT, Goldmine etc., to residing … Continue reading

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The Value Add of Distributors

The indirect channel depends on the distribution network. But what do these guys do? And why does the indirect channel depend so heavily on distribution? Well, it’s simple. Manufacturers cannot cover all of their markets. And, everyone (end-user/reseller) cannot buy … Continue reading

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Google’s Nexus S: Déjà vu

A few days ago my wife and I went to Best Buy to check out the new Google Nexus S phone to replace her old HTC G1. I’ve read many good things about the Nexus S and thought it would … Continue reading

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