12 months and counting..

It’s been 12 months since we started this blog. And it’s been a blast thus far.

We started Pixel Ballads to cover three topics – Management, Mobility and Energy. Management, because myself and Hammad are both interested in this subject and considered ourselves students of the same. Mobility and Energy, because in addition to our interest in these topics, we felt that there was a lot of activity in these areas and the exercise of writing articles would help us to develop insights into these areas.

We have blogged about Management and Mobility thus far, but haven’t been able to write much on Energy. It’s coming, my friends, it’s coming. While our audience has steadily grown, we feel that we can definitely do better.

Given that we have blogged for more than a year now, I can safely say that, while researching and writing is fun, it’s a lot of work too. All in all it has been a fun experience and we are truly enjoying the ride. Thanks much for your support and we hope that you continue to come back to read our thoughts.

Onwards and upwards….

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