Drive Vs. Passion

I was recently re-reading Randy Komisar’s “The Monk and the Riddle”, when I came across a passage where Randy tries to distinguish between drive and passion. The book is a very quick read and basically is a narrative of an entrepreneur as seen by Randy, who has been an advisor of sorts to many an entrepreneur.

So, what is drive and what is passion? What can each help achieve or can they collectively help one achieve something?

In my mind, passion is an innate desire to engage in an activity that brings about intense joy. It is, in my view, a primordial element that is basic to our existence. The activity could be something as simple as collecting stamps/coins or building robots or even cooking – but, it could result in one being in a state of joy. And the funny thing is that this activity is something that may not be one’s full time job.

Drive on the other hand is akin to ambition. You are driven to achieve something – your goals maybe, be that personal or work related or both. It is a state of continuous churn, where you burn energy on a constant basis in order to obtain something. And then you are done. You move on to the next thing. Drive could be structural or it could be part of your A+ personality. More often than not, it is structural – meaning that the edifice that you are in will force drive into you. For example, in a workplace, competition among peers could cause you to be driven. Your MBO’s (Management By Objectives) will force you to be driven towards your short-term goals. KSO’s (Key Sales Objectives) are another example. You get the point.

For many of us, drive is not natural. It is an un-natural forced phenomenon. Some get used to it but many get burnt by it. Some companies thrive by turning on the drive, and others don’t. But if you thrive on drive – you’ll succeed in these environments.

But when passion and drive intersect, I think it can create a very powerful force that can propel you to a different level. It creates a sense of flow that is thoroughly enjoyable, effortless leaving you with a feeling of boundless energy. This can be related to my previous post – “Soul Purpose or Sole Purpose”. You are pursuing your “Soul Purpose” when the forces of passion and drive intersect.

Are you at this intersection?

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  1. googlyeyes says:

    Yet another awesome post!!

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